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We Find Your Awesomeness

At GIFA headquarters, we screen every entry with a keen eye for awesomeness, and reward entries with awards in many key aspects of filmmaking.

You Need to Build Credibility

One of the best ways to build credibility is to earn awards and honors for your work. Why? Independent corroboration! It's great to self-promote, but praise always sounds better when it comes from someone else. When you say your work is good, nobody listens, but when you have awards to back it up, it can be a game changer.

Indie Filmmaking is the Future

Studios may have the same old formulaic blockbusters, but indie filmmakers are going to create the films that will shape the world we live in for future generations.

You Deserve to be Recognized

We believe experience is the best teacher, and you need to write scripts or make films to get better at it. We help you celebrate your successes along the way.


What We Believe

What We Offer


First off, we are an awards competition. In order to get awards, you have to earn them. As long as you do, we will load you up with credentials. But let's say your film doesn't quite reach that level. What then?

Get Feedback

We do not provide feedback here at GIFA because it may hint at the scoring process, and we do not want entrants to have an unfair advantage. However, we encourage you to get feedback on your script or film. If you make substantial changes, you may re-submit it to GIFA and we will re-evaluate it. We strongly encourage filmmakers to resubmit their modified entries.

Trophies / Medals

We like to keep the costs of competition affordable, so we do not include the cost of trophies/medals in the submission fees. This makes the cost more reasonable for most people. If your entry wins one or more awards, you will have the option to order medals if you choose. And if your entry wins lots of awards... well, that's a good problem to have.


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In a Nutshell

The Global Independent Film Awards is an online awards competition dedicated to recognizing filmmakers and actors for high quality work. We recognize how difficult it is to make an exceptional film, and want to reward filmmakers for achieving success in different aspects of the filmmaking process. You need credibility. We've got awards. If you do an amazing job making your film, we will give you awards for it. You get to include your credentials on your resume and promotional materials. Groovy, right?

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